Kenvue IPO: Profitable Company, Expensive Stock

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We are committed to continuously improving our sustainability efforts through our brands, packaging and operations, delivering on the expectations of today’s consumers. With empathy, we unearth extraordinary breakthroughs in everyday care, and with courage and conviction, we bring them to life. We boldly pursue more innovative ways of working, pioneer solutions that improve lives, and create products that create categories — then improve them again and again. From best practices to best-in-class products, we learn, test, partner and optimize.

It plans to acquire proven healthcare investments in the lower-cost EU market, then bring them to North America. One of the most significant differences between the European and North American healthcare tech markets involves valuation. Medical startups in North America tend to receive significantly higher valuations than they would in other markets. While this is immensely beneficial for the startups themselves, it can present a considerable barrier to entry for investors. Swedish agencies such as Vinnova and the Knowledge Foundation play an important part in Swedish innovation and development as well. The former promotes, funds and supports research in fields ranging from healthcare to heavy industry while the latter funds both research and competence development at colleges and universities.

This webcast will be available to investors and other interested parties by accessing the Johnson & Johnson website at . These advanced European technologies are often only distributed and implemented exclusively within the European Union. Along with partnering on the creation of the new name, Lippincott worked with company leadership to prime employees for the launch of the new name via a five-part educational video series that dove into the complexities of the global naming process and to rally them around it. Our leadership reflects our consumers and brings to Kenvue a wealth of experience and diversity of perspectives. The temporary hold will give J&J time to try to win court approval of its $8.9 billion proposed settlement with plaintiffs in the talc cases. A federal bankruptcy judge in April temporarily halted nearly 40,000 talc lawsuits through mid-June.

  1. In 2022, Kenvue had net income of more than $2 billion, up from $1.4 billion in 2019.
  2. The increasing income does a better job covering living expenses over time vs. income sources that are constant.
  3. Those 67 Aristocrats are recognized across the investment community as quality stocks that pay rising dividends.

However, that sell-off has Chevron trading at an attractive dividend yield (4.2%) and value (given the growth it can deliver at lower oil prices). The market’s rebound last year led me to tap the brakes on new investments to start building up more cash in case the market took a breather. I sold a few losing positions while allowing my dividends and cash transfers to accumulate so that my cash position is now more than 5% of my portfolio’s value. Yields for Dividend Aristocrats range from less than 1% to more than 6%. If you prefer the high side of that range, make sure you understand why the yield is above average.

Talc-Related Legal Proceedings Are Still a Risk

Cautions Concerning Forward-Looking StatementsThis press release contains “forward-looking statements” as defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 regarding future operating and financial performance. Forward-looking statements may be identified by the use of words such as “plans,” “expects,” “will,” “anticipates,” “estimates” and other words of similar meaning. The reader is cautioned not to rely on these forward-looking statements. If underlying assumptions prove inaccurate or known or unknown risks or uncertainties materialize, actual results could vary materially from the expectations and projections of Kenvue and its affiliates. Kenvue has been profitable in each of the three years for which I have financial data. With some of the most well-known consumer brands in its stable, it will likely be profitable for many years to come.

The new logo centers on the “K” symbol, embodying the company’s strengths – the geometry of the rectangle representing scientific precision and the round edges evoking the warmth of care. The corporate name is depicted in a distinctive logotype in a rich green. This strong, distinctive color works in harmony with the multicolored palette of the company’s portfolio of well-known brands. J&J faces thousands of allegations that its talc baby powder and other talc products caused cancer. Some of those products fall under the company’s consumer health business. Kenvue’s stock has stumbled following its IPO and separation from healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson.

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We’ve always prioritized science as the core of how we provide care, and this will never change. Overall, Kenvue said 2022 sales were “well balanced” across the company’s three business divisions. Ten of Kenvue’s brands had approximately $400 million or more in sales last year. Kenvue posted $14.95 billion in sales for 2022 and a net income of $1.46 billion on a pro forma basis. For the first quarter, which ended April 2, Kenvue estimates it raked in sales of $3.85 billion and net income of around $330 million. Annual sales growth through 2025 is projected to be about 3% to 4% globally, according to the filing.

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Free cash flow is not a measure of cash available for discretionary expenditures since we have certain non-discretionary obligations such as debt service that are not deducted from the measure. Adjusted results in 2023 also exclude $14 of charges for pre-acquisition matters. Adjusted results in 2022 also exclude a $423 charge for the impact of deferred tax realizability assessments as a result of audit settlements. AI-based startup Time is Brain’s revolutionary ECG BraiN20 provides real-time monitoring of brain activity.

For reference, Kenvue’s NOPAT has actually fallen 5% compounded annually since 2020. This scenario also implies Kenvue grows revenue at the industry growth rate, i.e. 7%, which is much higher than the 2% compound annual revenue growth rate Kenvue has achieved since 2020. When I use my reverse discounted cash flow (DCF) model to analyze the future cash flow expectations baked into KVUE, I find that shares, even at the midpoint, require optimistic assumptions about margins and growth, and look fully valued.

Get stock recommendations, portfolio guidance, and more from The Motley Fool’s premium services. Our Healthy Lives Mission strives to advance the well-being of both your health and the planet’s health. We’re working to improve the sustainability of our products, packaging and operations to build lasting positive change for people, communities and the one planet we call home.

Elite money managers, advisors and institutions have relied on us to lower risk and improve performance since 2004. Johnson & Johnson, after spinning off Kenvue, will continue to own 92% of the voting power in the newly formed company. This structure means that Johnson & Johnson, not new shareholders, will be able to control the outcome of matters submitted to shareholders for approval. (f) Adjusted results exclude the incremental impacts for the reconciling items between GAAP and adjusted net income attributable to noncontrolling interests. Adjusted results in 2022 also exclude $67 of net gains on derivative instruments to address certain foreign currency risks. Revenue for the full year declined 5% to $42.86 billion in 2023, versus $44.92 billion in 2022.

Happiness, after all, has been linked to creativity by multiple studies. In other words, a happier and more educated population means more innovation — and more innovation avatrade broker means more ground-breaking technology. Sweden, for instance, has placed considerable importance on both education and research since the mid-19th century.

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